Driving success online since 2003 

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Driving success online since 2003 

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Content Marketing for Law Firms

Build trust and establish authority by educating your audience (not to mention Search Engines!) about your services, experience and expertise.


Content has never been more important for law firms marketing themselves online. At the heart of any marketing plan should be the creation and dissemination of focused, in-depth, authoritative, valuable content. Such content attracts business by demonstrating knowledge, expertise, and thought leadership in your particular area. Not only that, content brings plenty of benefits to search engine optimisation and your social media marketing.
Good quality content, aimed at your target market, attracts profitable, desirable business and provides cross-selling opportunities to encourage existing clients to spend more money on more services with you.
If you require advice as to whether your current law firm website's content is performing for the purpose of generating new leads or if it's aligned with your brand, or even if it's legally accurate, give us a call and we'll arrange a free initial consultation with our legal marketing experts - 0808 501 5128 or fill out our online enquiry form.

The four ‘Rs’ of content marketing

Web content falls into four main categories. Rather than reflecting what the content is, they reflect what the content is intended to do. By that, we mean the content’s purpose – is it intended to inform existing clients, attract new ones, provide a detailed guide or portray your expertise?


Reach content is intended to ‘reach’ out to a new audience. This type of content is unique, keyword-rich, search-engine-optimised content which describes the law and promotes your services. This is the ‘traditional’ form of content found on most legal websites. It’s important to make sure that it’s more than a bullet-point list that lays out your areas of practice. 
Google rewards in-depth, authoritative content and, in our experience, pages which is in the form of a list is not given the same weight as prose. This content is low-risk, easy to produce and should be added as permanent landing pages to the site as opposed to blogs or other transient media.


This is content that addresses an issue or event which is relevant to your business. This type of content can be harder to plan because you are ‘reacting’ to external events. Not only that, you are trying to provoke a reaction in your potential client base. For instance, someone looking to instruct you in a conveyancing transaction has planned ahead and knows that the transaction is happening and that they will need a solicitor.
The key to this type of content is offering a new perspective or insight into the issue at hand. Ensure that you aren’t regurgitating tabloid headlines but are offering a unique legal perspective on events. There will almost certainly be an increased volume of search traffic relating to the event whether it’s a new Act or a celebrity divorce. What you want to do is to contribute to the debate on the matter and engage your existing and potential client base. This type of content increases your visibility online and demonstrates your practical expertise.


This type of content comprises focused in-depth legal guides. These go into detail on the law, use technical terminology and layout the process step-by-step. While some lawyers are understandably reluctant to lift the veil on their practice, this type of content is extremely valuable in getting results online. By including technical terminology (such as sections of Acts, Latin and other niche terms), you will attract a much greater volume of ‘long tail’ searches. These are searches for longer queries or which use niche terms. Obviously, there will be fewer searches for, say, the section of an act but there will be a great many for different terms. Capturing these searches is the key to succeeding online.


This is old content which is given a new lease of life. This includes older landing pages, externally-posted (or published) items such as journal articles. It also includes non-searchable items like PDFs, eBooks, whitepapers and so on.

This can be a valuable way of quickly generating content at the outset of a content strategy. Providing the law is still current, this type of content can be reworked quickly and easily to provide a solid base from which to start your content marketing campaign.

Why content is king for law firms and lawyers

We can design and implement a clear and concise content strategy, schedule and measurement framework designed to maximise the business generation potential of your content. We have provided further thoughts below on just how essential effective content marketing is for law firms, lawyers and businesses in today's online marketing landscape.
For law firms seeking to generate business on the internet, content is king. Once your site is designed, optimised and implemented, the only thing that is going to drive additional traffic is content. If you've got it right and you're generating business online then the more content you add, the better your site will do.
Many firms underestimate the need to keep their website up to date with fresh, relevant and interesting content. We can help.
Each member of our content drafting team is legally educated up to Diploma in Legal Practice level and several have been published in leading academic law journals. Led by published legal authors and former solicitors, our legal content is drafted to an exceptionally high standard.

Our content provision service for solicitors' websites is designed to ensure that your site, bulletins and newsletter stand out from the rest. Our content is bespoke, optimised for search engine traffic following extensive keyword research, and given our teams expertise, guaranteed to be legally accurate and up to the minute.
The written copy on your site is your chance to engage your clients, persuade them of your expertise and convey your ‘brand image’. It is your chance to entice a customer into engaging with your firm and making a call or inquiry. It is an essential part of a modern law firm’s online marketing efforts. It’s your chance to get your message across to your customers and to display your expertise.
We also understand that there is a balance between optimised content and content that is useful and informative. Over-optimised, keyword-heavy content is likely to drive away users and result in search engines penalising the site.
With our monthly reports, you can see how our law firm content marketing efforts are influencing traffic and user behaviour.


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