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Driving success online since 2003 

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SEO for Law Firms

In our comprehensive guide to on-page SEO for law firms below, we explain all the essential considerations involved in optimising your site to get it ranking for relevant Google searches.

SEO for Law Firms – Tips to Increase Your Online Enquiries

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engines can drive a great number of relevant visitors and audiences to your law firm’s online channels. However, there are certain key steps that must be undertaken to optimise your online channels to present them effectively to search engines to secure the top rankings for relevant keywords and thus to attract the best possible business.
This process is known as ‘Search Engine Optimisation', of which there are two subsets, as noted above: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Our guide will cover both subsets.

What are the most important ‘On-Page SEO’ factors?

On-page SEO is the process of optimising your own web pages to improve your search engine rankings. The main factors that are relevant for such optimisation include the following:

Content of the page

The quality and quantity of content on the ‘landing pages’ (i.e., the entry points) of your firm’s online channels is crucial for you to have great on-page SEO and, in turn, to acquire relevant, profitable online enquiries. Only through significant volumes of great content can you find yourself worthy of great search rankings, particularly in the most competitive legal sectors.

Meta title

Once you’ve got your content well-written and optimised (see also other ranking factors below), you must ensure your meta title is as relevant as possible. The meta title defines the title of your page, and it’s important not only for SEO purposes but also for social sharing and browsing. If you look, for instance, at the tab in your browser when on this page and hover over it, you’ll see what the meta title of this page is.


The URL of your page is also important for on-page SEO purposes.

A good URL structure will include relevant keywords and be concise. For instance, for a family lawyer’s main family law landing page:


SEO Tags

Utilising elements such as headline and heading tags (H1, H2, H3, H4 etc.), meta descriptions and meta keywords can be an efficient way to highlight the focus of your webpage and attract your target audience.

Link profile

There are many other ranking factors that determine how your firm will rank in Google and other search engines. 
Internal links – note that a page should be accessible through no more than 4 clicks from any other page on the site;

External links – some SEOs question the value of external links. In our experience, some pointing to highly authoritative sources and resources can be beneficial and improve the user experience and not leak too much value from a site. On the other hand, linking out to too many low value, poor experience websites could seriously harm your SEO;

Why Does All this Matter for Law Firms?

Ultimately, if you can get your on-page SEO perfected your law firm can achieve the following, even despite serious competition from other firms:

Increased prominence in Search

Increased traffic and enquiries

Maximised business generation potential of your website

SEO for Law Firms in the UK and Beyond – How to Win New Business Online


As we’ve outlined above, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of ensuring that your website ranks well in search engines for as wide a variety of search queries as possible. If you wish to attract new business online, then potential clients should be able to find you when searching Google and other search engines for keywords relating to your main practice areas and services. – if your online platforms aren’t near the top of search results, you won’t be found and your competitors will likely win that business instead.
Good Search Engine Optimisation isn't about 'tricking' search engines or trying to boost your rankings artificially. We put in place a layered, multi-faceted, organic approach to raising your rankings in a way that will deliver consistent results and continue to improve over time. There are SEO companies that will, no doubt, bombard you with emails promising 'quick fix' solutions and promises to boost your rankings in a short space of time. In our experience, these strategies sometimes work for a while, but stop bearing fruit and even become harmful over time.
This is because SEO best practice is constantly changing, as search engines update their complex search algorithms to improve the quality of their service. When choosing a trusted partner to advise on or manage your online growth strategy, it's important to choose one that knows your sector inside-out, that stays up to date on the latest search engine and online developments, and that can change strategy accordingly. Over the past few years, search engine algorithms and updates, particularly that of Google, have changed dramatically - updates such as 'Panda', 'Penguin', 'Exact-Match Domain' (EMD) and Hummingbird have altered SEO strategies throughout the world. Ensuring that your strategy is robust is essential.   


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